We’re working with these companies to try to make the world a better place, bite by bite!


Vivera is investing in the work being done by The Hunger Project in Ethiopia to restore the landscape in the Gewocha Forest.

Over the next 10 years, The Hunger Project and WeForest will work together with the local community so that they – and the local government– can create a flourishing, sustainable future for the Gewocha Forest region and its inhabitants.

Willem van Wede, CEO of Vivera has the following to say about our partnership with The Hunger Project:

Having access to food or going hungry is the essence of the movement. The idea that you are helping and empowering communities to become self-sufficient strongly appeals to me.“

“There is a widespread belief that meat is essential for a healthy diet. That is a misconception. It’s logical that very little meat is consumed in regions where poverty and hunger exist, but the transition from meat to plant-based diets must take place everywhere. The efforts of The Hunger Project in Ethiopia not only aim to mobilise and strengthen communities and prevent soil erosion by planting new trees. Local communities are also given the opportunity to plant a food forest to provide a source of better nutrition and a way to improve their livelihoods. This means that rearing animals for their meat is no longer an automatic choice; there is a good alternative. That is in line with the philosophy at Vivera.“


Vivera works in partnership with ProVeg. ProVeg is an international organisation dedicated to plant-based food. It is working worldwide to reduce the consumption of animal products, the goal being a 50% reduction by 2040. ProVeg works with governments, private companies, public institutions, and medical professionals, and has a support base of hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide. Proveg developed the Veggie Challenge app, which Vivera embraced to help more people make the switch to plant-based food


The Green Protein Alliance is working on getting us to return to a diet where vegetables play the lead role. This process is also called the protein transition. Vivera is a member, as we obviously support this. We want to make it easier for everyone to choose vegetables more often!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, or you’d like to work with us, let us know. #GoodnessMovement

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