Isn’t it weird that we’re all so opposed to climate change… and hate the way animals are treated… but still continue to eat meat? Is that because we don’t really care deep down? Or are we too wrapped up in our own lives to change? Maybe we don’t believe a plant-based meal makes any difference? In other words… we all think we’re open-minded, but when push comes to shove, we often behave very differently. Even when it comes to being open to a different diet; a plant-based one



Let’s face it, only by being open to change we can make the world a better place. Eating plantbased can make a huge difference for human health and the wellbeing of the planet. The only thing you have to do is to be open to change. And ‘being open’ means gaining new insights. It is a necessary ability in order to think critically and rationally. All the arguments to switch to a plant-based lifestyle are already there, you just need a little time to let them sink in. But once you understand what’s going on in our food chain, you won’t understand why you haven’t eaten plant-based before.

Vivera helps people to live a more sustainable life by triggering to EAT OPENMINDED. We’re here to challenge your fixed patterns in order to be open, try new things and make you aware of the impact of your food and eating patterns. Things you actually know, but ignore because life is hectic. By offering inspiration and delicious nutritionals we help to make the switch to plant-based really easy. It’s something we’ve been working on in the Netherlands since 1990! We promise you don’t have to compromise on taste. That is why we say: EAT OPENMINDED.

After discovering the great taste and value you will feel proud that you are positively changing the world bite by bite. If we all pull together, small changes become big. So let’s eat openminded and encourage others to do the same, and make the world that little bit better together!

Eat open minded