What are the advantages of eating less meat?
The world is waking up to the fact we’re eating too much meat. The United Nations have said that cutting down on meat is the biggest thing we can do to address climate change. By eating less meat, we can help to reduce global carbon emissions by 24% which is the equivalent of taking 240m cars off the road. But eating meat is not just affecting our climate, it’s impacting our health and lowering the quality of life for animals too. The need to change is now a mainstream concern, the call to act is being heard across the globe and people are looking for small ways in which they can make a big difference. We believe life is better when you eat less meat, so we’re here to help people make their change, with the most delicious plant-based meat, to feed the Goodness Revolution- good taste, good for people and good for the planet. #MoreLifeLessMeat #FeedTheGoodnessRevolution 
What do you mean by the Goodness Revolution?
We believe life is better when you eat less meat. So, we’re here to help people just like you make their change, with the most delicious plant-based meat, to feed The Goodness Revolution - good taste, good for you and good for the planet. We invite meat reducers and conscious consumers to join us in our mission to make the world a better place, bite by bite. Making it tastier and easier for everyone to reduce their meat intake is our number one motivation. #MoreLifeLessMeat #FeedTheGoodnessRevolution 
How did it all start?
Vivera has been innovating in the meat-free space since 1990, developing delicious plant-based products. Based in the Netherlands, but feeding the Goodness Revolution across Europe.
How can I get involved?
Good news, it’s easy to get involved! Just do your bit by eating less meat and helping us spread the word, mobilising more people to make their change, bite by bite. Such a small contribution will make a huge impact on the world. #MoreLifeLessMeat #FeedTheGoodnessRevolution


Where are your ingredients from? Are they sustainable?
Our products are based on soya and wheat protein, with vegetables and added herbs and spices. We invest a lot of time into smart sourcing and regular evaluation of our suppliers. We source the highest quality soya from North America and China. The European Union plans to stimulate the growth of protein-rich crops within the borders of Europe and we of course support this, as long as the taste and quality of the soya meets our standards and production volumes are big enough to support our demand.
Why do you mention egg in your allergen list when your products are vegan?
For the rest of Europe, we produce some products that are vegetarian and contain egg white powder and vegetarian cheese. To be transparent and compliant to European law we have to put a warning on our vegan products.
Why do you use soy in your products?
Soy has a high protein content, contains lots of fibre and is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids and low in saturated fatty acids.
Is your soy GMO free?
Yes, all of our soy is GMO-free.
Are your products gluten free?
No, our products are made in a factory where we use wheat, so our products are not gluten free.


How am I supposed to eat Vivera products?
The breadth of our range means that our delicious plant-based meat products can be used in many ways – served up as they are to substitute meat or used as an ingredient. Our Plant Chicken Tenders are fantastic in a Thai green curry, our Plant Fish Fingers are great in a wrap or why not try our Plant Pulled Pork in a bun with pickles and slaw? Delicious! But remember, all of our products need to be cooked before eating. Check out our delicious recipe ideas on our product pages for cooking instructions.
Where can I buy Vivera products?
Our delicious plant-based range is available in Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons, Holland & Barrett and Ocado. Check individual retailer’s websites for specific product range.
How much do your products cost?
Rich in protein, and containing iron and vitamin B12, our delicious plant-based range is available from £2.50. Check individual retailer’s websites for specific product pricing.
Are they vegan?
All of our products in the UK range are vegan.
What do I need to do if I have a complaint?
Please fill in the complaint form on this website.


Is Vivera packaging recyclable?
In the Netherlands our packaging is fully recyclable. In the UK, the recycling system is different and currently only enables us to recycle our carton sleeves, which are made from FSC certified paper. However, our trays are made from recycled bottles. We are analysing the changes we can make to the trays and films in our packaging to further reduce the impact on waste, whilst still maintaining the optimum shelf life.
Don’t you think naming your plant-based products after products that traditionally contain meat is confusing?
We are passionate about helping everyone to reduce their meat intake and believe it’s important to help meat reducing consumers to understand how simple it is to use our products, by providing descriptions they are familiar with. And we haven’t had a single complaint!